Column Board System: TopPilon

Description: Column-mounted boards

Specifications: Column-mounted boards with one, two or three writing surfaces, one in front of the other, with independent vertical adjustment between the columns. Columns of extruded aluminum forms (RAL color 9002 grey white) with guide channels along the sides.


Mobility of the boards is established by the use of 8X free-moving, maintenance-free, spherical runners. Steel counterweights attached to steel cables per DIN EN 13414 P above spherical pulleys with safety harnesses that run silently within the columns. Lower vertical boundary established with cushioned springs in the guide channels, upper boundary established through counterweight on hidden floor-mounted spring plate.


Enameled writing surfaces fused through a special process at approximately 1472F degrees/800C degrees. Board surfaces in lightweight “sandwich” design, 20mm (0.8”) thickness, attached to core and enclosed without screws by rounded aluminum U-forms with safety edges creating a waterproof seal. Chalk/marker tray of naturally anodized aluminum with plastic safety caps on either end.


Finishes: Columns available as standards RAL 9002 grey white finish. Board surfaces available in two (2) steel enamel finishes (E2) – green or white – with or without lineation and, optionally, with projection surface.


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